Saturn: The Latest Discoveries

Saturn, sixth planet from the sun, is the second largest planet in our solar system.
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What's It Like to See Auroras on Other Planets?
aurora, galaxy
November 19th, 2015
Witnessing an aurora first-hand is a truly awe-inspiring experience no matter what planet you may be on.
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Best Space Stories of the Week – Nov. 8, 2015
Solar Storm Stripping Mars' Atmosphere
November 8th, 2015
The sun stripped away most of Mars' atmosphere billions of years ago, "Star Trek" is coming back to TV and the search for signs of intelligent life around a strangely dimming star has come up empty so far. Here are's top stories of the week.
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Enceladus Flyby: See Cassini's Close-up Photos of Icy Saturn Moon
Saturn's Moon Enceladus on Oct. 28, 2015
November 2nd, 2015
After a death-defying dive toward the surface of Saturn's icy moon Enceladus, the Cassini spacecraft has sent back images from its close encounter.
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Gigantic Ice Cloud Spotted on Saturn Moon Titan (Photos)
Monstrous Ice Cloud Saturn
November 19th, 2015
A massive new cloud around the south pole of Saturn's moon Titan suggests winter in the satellite's southern hemisphere will be even colder than scientists had thought.
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NASA Probe Flies Through Saturn Moon Enceladus' Plume
Geysers on Saturn Moon Enceladus
October 28th, 2015
Cassini flew low through the Saturn moon Enceladus' icy plume today (Oct. 28) at 11:22 a.m. EDT (1522 GMT), zooming within a mere 30 miles (50 kilometers) of the satellite's frigid surface.
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Planets on Parade in the November Sky: How and When to See Them
Venus in November 2015
November 3rd, 2015
Although the bright planets disappear from the evening sky in November, the predawn hours feature a planetary parade. Here are some gorgeous planet-watching events to look for in the coming weeks.
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