Saturn: The Latest Discoveries

Saturn, sixth planet from the sun, is the second largest planet in our solar system.
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Cassini Watches Enceladus Fizz Into Space
Enceladus with Water Vapor Plume
August 31st, 2015
Cassini has once again turned to Enceladus, the enigmatic moon of Saturn.
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Best Space Stories of the Week – Aug. 30, 2015
The Area Around a Black Hole
August 30th, 2015
Mars One seeks billionaires, Ceres and Dione get close-ups, a Martian hoax is debunked and Stephen Hawking solves a black hole conundrum in's top stories for this week.
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Farewell Dione: Cassini Snaps Last Close Photos of Saturn Moon
August 24th, 2015
The Cassini spacecraft recently got its last close views of Dione, a small icy moon orbiting Saturn.
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Sampling Enceladus: Is Earth Ready for Pieces of Saturn Moon's Plumes?
Plumes of Enceladus Image
August 27th, 2015
Many astrobiologists are champing at the bit to bring samples back from Saturn's ocean-harboring moon Enceladus, but it may be best to exercise a little patience.
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Spacecraft Makes Final Close Flyby of Saturn Moon Dione Today
Dione in June 2015
August 17th, 2015
The Cassini spacecraft will make one last close flyby of Saturn's moon Dione on Monday (Aug. 17), in search of clues about the moon's strange features.
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NASA Mulling Life-Hunting Mission to Saturn Moon Enceladus
Cassini View of Enceladus
August 31st, 2015
NASA already plans to launch a spacecraft to the Jupiter moon Europa in the early to mid-2020s, and it's also mulling a mission to the Saturn satellite Enceladus that would lift off by the end of 2021.
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To Build a Gas Giant Planet, Just Add Pebbles
Very Young Planetary System
August 19th, 2015
Gas-giant planets such as Jupiter and Saturn form quickly, thanks to the fast accretion of pebble-size building blocks, new research suggests.
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