Saturn: The Latest Discoveries

Saturn, sixth planet from the sun, is the second largest planet in our solar system.
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Saturn and the Moon Share Predawn Close Encounter on Friday
Saturn on Jan. 16, 2015
January 15th, 2015
Early Friday morning, if skies are clear, you have a good chance to catch sight of a lovely waning crescent moon pairing off with the ringed wonder of the solar system: the planet Saturn.
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Saturn's Position in the Solar System Pinpointed Within 2 Miles
Six Saturn moons are visible in this image snapped by NASA's Cassini probe in September 2007, including Titan at the lower right.
January 13th, 2015
Researchers were able to pinpoint the Saturn system's center of mass, or barycenter, within about 2 miles — a 50-fold improvement over the best estimates provided by ground-based telescopes, NASA officials said.
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Christmas Night Sky Brings Cosmic Holiday Views
Christmas auroras shine over Abisko National Park in Sweden on Christmas 2013.
December 25th, 2014
While lights decorating Christmas trees twinkle indoors, the stars of the Christmas sky shine brightly during the last week of 2014.
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Epic Landing on Saturn's Moon Titan Remembered 10 Years Later
Huygens Landing Site on Titan
January 14th, 2015
Ten years ago today (Jan. 14), humanity got its first up-close look at Saturn's huge moon Titan, a bizarre, frigid world that may be capable of supporting life as we know it.
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Scientists Observe Solar System Planets Like Alien Worlds
Many Moons Graphic
January 11th, 2015
Getting a handle on what rocky worlds in our solar system would look like from afar will give us a basis for comparison as we seek out distant, habitable exoplanets.
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Saturn and the Moon Shine at Dawn Friday as Winter Solstice Looms
Saturn reappears from behind the Sun in the dawn sky, and on Friday morning, December 19, lies just below the waning crescent Moon in the southeast.
December 18th, 2014
This week the celestial clock marks two milestones: Saturn's move into the morning sky and the winter solstice. Here's how to see Saturn and the moon before dawn on Dec. 19, then the winter solstice on Dec. 21.
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Giant Dunes on Saturn's Moon Titan Sculpted by Rogue Winds
Lakes on Titan
December 8th, 2014
The towering dunes on Saturn's largest moon, Titan, which are similar to the sandy hills of the Sahara, are not formed continuously over time, but by short, powerful rogue winds, researchers say.
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NASA Reveals Best-Ever Maps of Saturn's Icy Moons (Photos)
2014 Map of Enceladus
December 12th, 2014
These maps shine a new light on Saturn's six major icy moons — Mimas, Enceladus, Tethys, Dione, Rhea and Iapetus.
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