Sam LeBlanc

Freelance contributor

Sam LeBlanc is a senior developer at New Media Campaigns in Carrboro, North Carolina. He studied Music Education and Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, before leaving school early to pursue a full-time career in programming. From the start of his education in web development, he was leveraging his skills to write about games, eventually founding, developing, and designing Main Menu Reviews, an early attempt at non-profit, volunteer game reviewing. His interest in gaming criticism stems from two and a half decades in the hobby, kicked off when he was five years old with a copy of Yoshi's Island and a Super Nintendo.

Nowadays, he co-hosts Under One Thousand (, a newsletter and podcast venture which he co-created. Under One Thousand focuses on highlighting niche indie games and developers, hosting discussions about games with experts, and weekly game recommendations.

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