Antonis Antoniou

Antonis Antoniou

PhD candidate in Philosophy of Science, University of Bristol

I am a PhD candidate in Philosophy of Science at the University of Bristol approaching the end of my studies.

I am mainly interested in questions about the philosophy and the methodology of modern physics. My thesis is titled 'Models, Data and Unobservable phenomena in Physics' and focuses on three main axes: (i) the relationship between models and background theories, (ii) the relationship between theoretical models and experimental data, and (iii) the observation of in principle ‘unobservable entities’ in physics, such as dark matter particles.

My current research is focused on the philosophy of dark matter and the debate between the proponents of the dark matter and theories of modified gravity. I am also interested in the philosophy of data and the ways in which the manipulation of big data via simulations and machine learning can lead to the development of new scientific theories.

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