Featured Article: This Month's Night Sky
Jaw-dropping Aurora View Wins 2014 Astronomy Photo Contest
stronomy Photographer of the Year 2014 Winner
September 18th, 2014
A bright green aurora reflects off a glacial lake against the backdrop of a snow-covered mountain range in an incredible photo that took home first prize in an astrophotography competition.
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How to Take Clear Shots of a Light-Polluted Milky Way (Photos, Video)
How to Shoot the Milky Way
September 17th, 2014
Spotting the Milky Way on dark, cloudless nights can be a challenge for anyone, but trying to see it through the haze of light pollution in a crowded city is nearly impossible.
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Spectacular Auroras from Solar Storms Wow Stargazers (Photos, Video)
Lapland aurora
September 15th, 2014
Back-to-back eruptions on the sun sparked a geomagnetic storm last week, which generated dazzling auroras over the northern latitudes.
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Early Aurora Photos from Solar Storm Double Whammy
Subtle Aurora Seen in Minnesota
September 12th, 2014
Skywatchers on the ground are already catching sight of some amazing looking auroras produced by solar material blown out from the sun during two major eruptions this week.
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Uranus Plays Peek-a-Boo with the Moon Tonight
The moon will block Uranus like a game of cosmic peek-a-boo on Wednesday night (Sept. 10, 2014) for observers across northeastern North America. Positions of Uranus and the moon are shown in this Starry Night sky map.
September 10th, 2014
As the moon moves in its orbit around the Earth, it inevitably passes in front of many stars and planet and Uranus will find itself in the moon's crosshairs tonight (Sept. 10).
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WATCH LIVE @ 7:30 pm ET: Planet Definition Debate Tonight
Pluto Viewed From One of Its Moons
September 18th, 2014
The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics is hosting a debate tonight (Sept. 18) at 7:30 p.m. EDT about the definition of the term "planet." Here's how to watch live.
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Sagittarius: How to Spot a Cosmic Archer in the Night Sky
Stars of Sagittarius
September 14th, 2014
On these late-summer evenings after the sun has set, look low in the south for the classical Archer: the constellation Sagittarius.
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Back-to-Back Sun Storms May Supercharge Earth's Northern Lights
The northern lights dance over Earth in shimmering green light on Aug. 29, 2014.
September 11th, 2014
Powerful solar flares from the sun this week may amplify the northern lights displays over parts of the northern United States through the weekend, space weather scientists say.
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