Featured Article: This Month's Night Sky
Labor Day Weekend Stargazing: See Moon, Mars and Saturn Meet Up
Moon, Saturn and Mars on Labor Day 2014
August 30th, 2014
Look up this Labor Day weekend to see a lovely celestial tableau in the southwestern part of the evening sky.
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Cosmic Quest: Who Really Discovered Neptune?
Galileo's Sketch of Jupiter's Moons, Dec. 27/28, 1612
August 28th, 2014
Neptune will appear directly opposite the sun in the sky tomorrow (Aug. 29), but despite the clear view of the planet from Earth, the truth about the person who first discovered the distant planet remains cloudy.
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Celestial Meetup of Venus and Jupiter Thrills Stargazers (Photos)
New York, Jupiter and Venus in the morning sky
August 22nd, 2014
Early-rising stargazers were treated to an amazing view of the two brightest planets closely aligned in the morning sky Monday (Aug. 18).
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Neptune and 'Dodgeball' Asteroid Star in Webcasts Tonight: Watch Live
The planet Neptune shines a serene blue in this image assembled from two photos by NASA's Voyager 2 probe during its historic flyby of the planet in August 1989. Neptune reaches an orbital milestone called opposition in the night sky on Aug. 29, 2014.
August 29th, 2014
The action starts at 8 p.m. EDT, when the Slooh Community Observatory will air a four-hour show to mark an alignment of Neptune, Earth and the sun. Then Slooh will cover the flyby of near-Earth asteroid 2002 CU11. You can watch live at
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The Milky Way: How to See It in the Summer Night Sky
The Milky Way in the Northern Summer Sky
August 21st, 2014
Late summer is one of the best times of year to view the full splendor of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Seeing the Milky Way requires a special effort for most of us, but it's well worth the trouble.
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Jupiter & Venus Will Meet Up in the Morning Sky Monday
Jupiter and Venus, August 2014 Sky Map
August 15th, 2014
Get up early any morning this week to see a spectacular cosmic treat: two morning "stars" dancing at dawn.
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WATCH LIVE FRIDAY @ 8 pm ET: Slooh Double Feature - Neptune & Asteroid
Voyager 2 Image of Neptune
August 29th, 2014
The Slooh Community Observatory will air a special cosmic double feature showing views of Neptune and an asteroid in deep space on Friday (Aug. 29). The show starts at 8 p.m. EDT (0000 Aug. 30 GMT).
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A Star Called 'Bob'? Dolphin Constellation's Weird Star Names Explained
Delphinus, the Dolphin, is a sea creature constellation with some strangely named stars making up its central star pattern. The constellation is visible in the August night sky.
August 22nd, 2014
One of the smallest constellations in the Northern Hemisphere is reaching its highest point in the sky at around midnight local daylight time this week.
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Budding Night Sky Photographer Sees a Stunning Crescent Moon (Image)
Crescent Moon from Pacific Northwest
August 19th, 2014
John Nelson took this image of the crescent moon from the Pacific Northwest. See how he did it here.
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