Featured Article: This Month's Night Sky
No, Mars Won't Be As Big as the Moon in the Sky Tonight
Mars Hoax Image
August 27th, 2015
The "Mars Hoax" has been popping up every Aug. 27 since 2003, when it was born in a widely misinterpreted email. The sender of that message was trying to get people excited about an unusually close approach of Mars to Earth in late August 2003.
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Stunning Web Comic 'Brassens in Space' Takes Readers on Cosmic Journey
'Brassens in Space' Comic
September 1st, 2015
An illustrated Web comic by the cartoonist Boulet explains his passion for stargazing, and takes readers on an awe-inspiring tour of the cosmic landscapes made visible by science.
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Forget the 'Supermoon': What's Actually Happening at Lunar Perigee
Full Moon with Airplane
August 26th, 2015
The full moon this Saturday (Aug. 29) will look especially big in the sky, because the moon will be exceptionally close to Earth.
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Watch the Milky Way Shine Over California’s King Range in This Awesome Video
Milky Way Above California King Range
August 24th, 2015
Watch the Milky Way rise above the King Range in California in this breathtaking time-lapse sequence.
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Rare 'Supermoon' Total Lunar Eclipse Coming This Month
Total Lunar Eclipse of April 2015
September 1st, 2015
The supermoon eclipse, which will grace Earth's skies on Sept. 27, features a full moon that looks considerably larger and brighter than usual. It will be the first such lunar eclipse since 1982, and the last until 2033.
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Venus Displays Its Brilliant Morning Finery for the Fall
Venus in Fall 2015
August 28th, 2015
Venus has spent the summer in the western evening sky, but come fall, it will instead appear in the east before sunrise.
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Meet George Jetson! Milky Way Spans Skyway in Futuristic Photo
The Milky Way streaks by behind a tall, curving observation tower.
August 25th, 2015
The Milky Way forms a spectacular streak past the curving edge of an observation tower in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in these amazing views by a talented astrophotographer, who likened the vista to the Jetsons' cartoon futurescape.
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