Living the Life on 'Mars' (Gallery)

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Life on Mars

Credit: Kai Staats.
Kai Staats, filmmaker and member of MarsCrew134, contributed these images to's Expert Voices:…Read More »

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Since traveling to Mars isn't yet possible, figuring out how to conduct routine, and specialized, activities on the Red Planet requires mock missions on Earth.

The Mars Society's Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) is one of the leading facilities hosting researchers, scientists and engineers as they test hypotheses, conduct simulated field work, and gain experience living and working in the physical and social confines of a Mars analog.

As featured in part 3 of the TV show "Man vs. the Universe," MarsCrew134 earlier this year entered the desert MDRS near Hanksville, Utah, for the duration of two weeks. The following images, articles and videos tell the story of this crew of six highly qualified scientists and engineers, and Kai Staats, their technician and documentary filmmaker.   Less «
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