Northern Lights Photos: Amazing Auroras of January 2012

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Aurora over Yellowknife, NWT, Canada, January 22, 2012.

Credit: AuroraMAX (
Latest image of aurora borealis above Yellowknife, NWT taken at 19:41 MST on January 22, 2012. AuroraMAX is a five-year educational and public outreach…Read More »

initiative that features live broadcast of the Northern Lights from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. The project is designed to raise awareness of the science of the Northern Lights, and how the Sun’s relationship with Earth can affect our daily lives. AuroraMAX will allow skywatchers to follow the intensity and frequency of the aurora borealis leading up to Solar Maximum (hence the name AuroraMAX). Solar Maximum, the most active period of the Sun’s 11-year cycle (which consequently produces the most active auroras), is expected to peak in 2013.   Less «
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