The night sky twinkles inside new book, 'Diamonds Everywhere,' by astronomer Tom Kerss

Summer is coming to a close, and with it also ends a time of year many stargazers and photographers refer to as “Milky Way season,” as autumn dips the glowing gases around the center of our galaxy below the horizon of the night sky in the northern hemisphere, and out of view until next summer. Now, as half the world waves a seasonal farewell to the setting galactic center, a new book from Collins Astronomy has arrived to feed your stellar needs as you wait out the winter.

Diamonds Everywhere, from astronomer Tom Kerss, is an instant must for experienced space lovers and anyone curious about the unknown. The book arrives packed with astrophotography and over a thousand facts about the universe.

Diamonds Everywhere, by Tom Kerss, out October 26, 2023. (Image credit: Collins Astronomy)

For anyone in the habit of getting a head-start on their yearly Christmas shopping, add this to the list for that friend or family member who can’t seem to shut up about how awesome space is. This book is for them. 

Page excerpts from new book, 'Diamonds Everywhere'. (Image credit: Collins Astronomy)

The book’s beautiful pages are filled with intricately detailed astrophotography of everything in the sky from the Moon and Mars, to far away nebulae spanning light-years across. Passages of easily digestible information accompany the magnificent imagery inside Diamonds Everywhere, adding context and substance to photos throughout the book. A quick flip through its photos will reveal wondrous facts, such as the Andromeda Galaxy’s destined collision with the Milky Way, or that sunsets on Mars are blue, and a thousand more.

Diamonds Everywhere is a truly inspirational curation of space imagery, it’s hard to turn away from its pages once they’ve been opened. There are a few other books, however, that you might also want to take a look at while you’ve got your sites set on the stars. For anyone feeling the astro-urge to get a jump start with your 2024 skywatching plans, Collins Astronomy’s 2024 Guide to the Night Sky and the Night Sky Almanac 2024 are the perfect companions to help you map out next year’s celestial highlights.

If the wonderful photos in Diamonds Everywhere just aren't enough, this year's upcoming publication of Astronomy Photographer of the Year will complete your stack of amazing space photo collections not to miss. Finally, if you’re looking to learn more about our neighboring star, The Sun has all the information you need to observe it safely from your own back garden.

Book covers for Collins' 2024 Guide to the Night Sky, Night Sky Almanac 2024, The Sun, and Astronomy Photographer of the Year. (Image credit: Collins Astronomy)

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