Latest News About NASA's Grail Moon Gravity Mission

NASA's twin Grail spacecraft will orbit the moon to study the lunar gravity field. The two lunar satellites are intended to improve scientific understanding of the moon’s formation and evolution.
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'WTF' Space Junk Meets Fiery Demise as Scientists Watch (Video)
Space Junk WT1190F Burns Up
November 13th, 2015
The mysterious space junk WT1190F fell from the sky this morning, and scientists had a flying, ringside seat as the object burned up in multicolored fireballs.
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Lunar Rover Lost ... and Found: NASA Moon Buggy Saved by Scrap Dealer
Newly Located NASA Moon Buggy
October 29th, 2015
A prototype Apollo lunar rover that was sold to a scrapyard and reported by NASA to be lost has been found and may be heading to auction. Just a day after a story that reported the vehicle as destroyed, the moon buggy popped up in a classified ad in an Al
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Some Apollo Moon Samples 'Crumbling to Dust'
September 3rd, 2015
Scientists found that the median particle size in a set of 20 different Apollo soil samples held in laboratories for research use has decreased by more than half since the samples were first measured 40 years ago.
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Moonspike, a Private Moon Venture, Regroups After Failed Crowdfunding Bid
Moonspike Spacecraft
November 10th, 2015
Moonspike, a European venture to send a small spacecraft to the moon is reconsidering its plans after an online fundraising effort fell fall short of its goal.
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Moon's Shattered Crust Could Shed Light on Earth Life's Origins
Moon Fractured Crust
October 19th, 2015
Some parts of the moon were so hammered by small asteroids 4 billion years ago that the impacts shattered the upper crust there. Similar impacts on Earth during this same era may have carved out environments in which life first took root.
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How Robots Could Build a Radio Telescope on Far Side of the Moon
Radio Telescope Array
July 29th, 2015
Researchers are making strides on a radio telescope array that would be unfurled on the farside of the moon by an unmanned rover operated by astronauts hovering nearby at a gravitationally stable point in space.
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China Outlines New Rockets, Space Station and Moon Plans
China's Long March Boosters
March 17th, 2015
China booster builders are slated to augment their Long March family of launchers this year and in 2016. According to Chinese news services, the country will soon fly their Long March 6 – likely in the middle of this year.
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Newfound Moon Craters Point to Asteroid Puzzle
Moon Photo by Anthony Lopez
November 3rd, 2015
Newfound lunar craters suggest that asteroids that smashed into the moon long ago were very different from the ones that now occupy the asteroid belt. Solving this mystery could shed light on the habitability of the early Earth, scientists say.
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Artist Adds Motion to NASA's Iconic Apollo Moon Mission Patches
'Apollo Mission Patches' Video
April 6th, 2015
NASA's iconic Apollo moon landing mission patches come to life in a new video created by a professional animator. Cincinnati-based artist Neil Smith revealed his versions of the historic emblems in an animated clip posted to YouTube and Vimeo
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