Photos: SpaceX's Amazing Falcon 9 Reusable Rocket Prototype in Pictures

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SpaceX F9R Reusable Rocket After 1st Test

Credit: SpaceX
SpaceX's Falcon 9 Reusable rocket prototype consists of the first stage of the firm's two-stage Falcon 9 rocket that is equipped with landing legs. See…Read More »

photos from the rocket's test flights in this gallery of SpaceX images and video stills. Here: The rocket stands atop a launch pad at the firm's McGregor, Texas test site after a successful debut flight to an altitude of 820 feet (250 meters). SpaceX's smaller Grasshopper reusable rocket prototype is visible at upper left. This image is a still from a SpaceX video released on April 18, 2014. [Video: Watch SpaceX's F9R Rocket Fly on its 1st Test Flight]   Less «
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