SpaceX, Dragon Capsule & Falcon 9: Latest News

Hawthorne, Calif.-based Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) is a commercial company aiming to launch cargo, and eventually people, to low-Earth orbit. The firm is developing its Dragon capsule and Falcon 9 booster under contracts from NASA's Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) program and its Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program.
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'How We'll Live on Mars': Q&A with Author Stephen Petranek
The arc of Mars' northern hemisphere
August 31st, 2015
Stephen Petranek thinks humans will live on Mars within 20 years, and he states his case in a new book, "How We'll Live on Mars."
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Billionaires Wanted to Fund Private Mars Colony
Artist's concept of Mars One's planned colony on the Red Planet, which would begin with the touchdown of four people in 2027.
August 25th, 2015
The biggest challenges facing the private Mars One colonization project are financial rather than technical, so a big donation from a deep-pocketed person concerned about his or her legacy could make a huge difference, group representatives said.
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NASA Orders 2 More Space Station Cargo Missions from Orbital ATK
Orbital Sciences Cygnus Spacecraft
August 20th, 2015
NASA ordered two more cargo deliveries to the International Space Station from Orbital ATK under a 2008 Commercial Resupply Services (CRS) contract, a company spokeswoman said Aug. 12.
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First Ad on the Moon: Lunar Billboard for Pocari Sweat to Fly in 2016
Pocari Sweat 'Time Capsule' on the Moon
August 21st, 2015
Japan-based Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. aims to launch a special "time capsule" can of its Pocari Sweat sports drink to the moon next year. The can will be delivered to the lunar surface aboard Astrobotic Technology's Griffin lander.
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Inflatable Habitats: From the Space Station to the Moon and Mars?
Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (
August 18th, 2015
The upcoming addition of a private inflatable "room" to the International Space Station could help pave the way for colonies on the moon and Mars.
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Ban Killer Robots Before They Take Over, Stephen Hawking & Elon Musk Say
killer robot
July 27th, 2015
A number of prominent scientists have signed on to a letter warning that autonomous weapons should be banned.
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Private Space Stations Could Be a Reality by 2025
Boeing CST-100 Approaching Bigelow Space Station Image
August 25th, 2015
Commercial space stations could become a reality within the next 10 years if entrepreneurs and NASA can properly manage the tricky transition from the government-run International Space Station to privately built and operated facilities.
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US-China Space Freeze May Thaw with Historic New Experiment
International Space Station (ISS)
August 21st, 2015
NanoRacks, a Houston-based company that helps commercial companies make use of the space station, has signed an agreement with the Beijing Institute of Technology to fly Chinese DNA research to the orbiting outpost next year.
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2nd Woman Shuttle Commander Recounts Spaceflight Joys, Challenges
Astronaut Melroy Floating
August 7th, 2015
Former NASA astronaut Pamela Melroy recently shared her experiences and insights about spaceflight and exploration.
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