Ultrathin Microlenses Could Boost Space Science and Tech
Ultrathin Optical Devices
October 13th, 2015
Researchers have created the first ultrathin, flat lens able to focus light just as well as its curved counterparts. The new tech could allow more-compact and robust cameras and microscopes to be built.
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Hacking the Cosmos: Event Hopes to Solve Complex Data Challenges
Two computers open on a desk in NYU's student center.
October 7th, 2015
Last week, astronomers, astrophysicists, data scientists and programmers came together at New York University to try to solve some of astronomy's toughest problems — in just five days.
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Blue Origin Reaches Milestone in BE-4 Rocket Engine Development
Blue Origin BE-4 Engine Test
October 6th, 2015
Blue Origin said Sept. 30 that it has completed more than 100 developmental tests of its BE-4 engine, which the company is building both for ULA and itself.
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NASA Eyes Sample-Return Capability for Post-2020 Mars Orbiter
Mars Landscape
October 9th, 2015
NASA says the orbiter it aims to launch in the 2020s could carry the mechanisms needed to collect and store surface samples for a return trip to Earth.
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NIGHT SKY WEBCASTS: Slooh Webcast on 'The Martian'
Spacesuit in ‘The Martian’
October 4th, 2015
The Slooh Community Observatory will host a free webcast tonight, Oct. 4, to discuss the new film "The Martian" and Mars exploration. You can watch it live here at 7 p.m. ET, courtesy of Slooh.
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5 Teams Share First Round of NASA Cubesat Prizes
Cislunar Explorer
September 23rd, 2015
Five teams, ranging from university students to a group of engineers dispersed across the country, received $20,000 each from NASA in the first milestone of a competition to develop deep space cubesat technologies.
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US Spy Satellite Launches Into Space Along with 13 Tiny Cubesats
A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket lifts off from California's Vandenberg Air Force Base carrying the classified NROL-55 satellite for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office, as well as 13 tiny cubesats for the NRO and NASA, during a pre-dawn launch
October 8th, 2015
A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket blasted off today (Oct. 8) from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, carrying a classified payload for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and 13 tiny spacecraft sponsored by NASA and the NRO.
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Nobel Prize in Physics Honors Flavor-Changing Neutrino Discoveries
Neutrinos in the sun mapped by the Super-Kamiokande experiment.
October 6th, 2015
Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald will share this year's Nobel Prize in physics for helping to reveal that subatomic particles called neutrinos can change flavors, findings that meant these exotic particles have a teensy bit of mass.
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NASA Tests Lunar Rover Prototype with Eye Toward Flying Real Thing
Resource Prospector Rover
September 29th, 2015
A rover prototype designed to search for water ice at the poles of the moon passed a series of tests on Earth as the mission seeks funding and partnerships.
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