Search For Life

Water Escapes a Warm Planet — Will Earth Become Like Mars?
Sunlight on Earth's Oceans
July 2nd, 2015
We already knew about Venus. We had our suspicions about Mars. Now we’re sure.
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Want to Find Life on Mars? Start in Antarctica (Podcast)
Airborne electromagnetic sensor at Bull Pass
June 26th, 2015
Barren wastelands are not as barren as they first appear.
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How NASA Could Explore Jupiter Moon Europa's Ocean
Mick West and Icefin
June 23rd, 2015
NASA hopes to send robotic submarines into Europa's subsurface ocean someday, and researchers are currently testing out some prototypes in Antarctica.
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Earth and Mars May Have Shared Seeds of Life
Martian Rockbed
June 25th, 2015
The extreme environments of Earth could serve as a time machine to Mars' past, showing us how microbial life could have coped with the changes on the red planet.
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In Search for Alien Life, Experts Reveal Cutting-Edge Science
NASA and scientists from around the world are discussing the search for life on other worlds at the 2015 Astrobiology Science Conference in Chicago this week.
June 17th, 2015
From studying extreme life forms on Earth, to using Antarctica as an analogue for icy moons in our solar system, scientists have a wide range of approaches to searching for life beyond Earth.
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'Exomoons' Capable of Supporting Life May Be Common
Mars-Mass Exomoons Around Alien Planet
June 29th, 2015
Huge "super-Jupiter" exoplanets could sport water-rich, potentially habitable moons up to a few times more massive than Mars, a new study suggests.
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Martian 'Impact Glass' Could Potentially Preserve Signs of Life
Alga Crater on Mars
June 24th, 2015
On the surface of Mars, researchers have identified deposits of impact glass created in meteorite collisions, which could potentially hold signatures of life.
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Why Aren't Aliens Calling Earth?
Aliens Art Tweet
June 16th, 2015
Is it likely that we’re not alone in the universe? And if intelligent life is out there, why haven’t they contacted us yet?
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