Search For Life

Jupiter's Icy Moon Europa: Best Bet for Alien Life?
Europa Thick Ice Crust
August 22nd, 2014
Scientists discuss what makes Jupiter's moon Europa perhaps the solar system's best bets for hosting life beyond Earth.
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We Could Find Alien Life, but Politicians Don't Have the Will (Op-Ed)
satellite, search for life
August 12th, 2014
While alien life can be seen nightly on television and in the movies, it has never been seen in space. Not so much as a microbe, dead or alive, let alone a wrinkle-faced Klingon.
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See the Moon in Motion in August's Night Sky
Moon on Aug, 1, 2014
August 1st, 2014
Most people know that the moon orbits the Earth once a month, but they typically have no visual confirmation of this motion. Over the next week, skywatchers have the chance to see moon's motion with their own eyes.
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Martian Mystery: What Is Odd Cell-Like Structure in Mars Meteorite?
Strange Oval Structure in Nakhla Mars Meteorite
August 21st, 2014
The researchers discovered the microscopic oval object within the Nakhla Mars meteorite, which fell to Earth in Egypt in 1911. While the structure's appearance is intriguing, it most likely formed as a result of geological rather than biological processes
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Twin Alien Planets Could Boost Chances for Extraterrestrial Life
Planet in the Habitable Zone of a Sun-Sized Star
August 7th, 2014
Alien planets could host life well into their old age if they have companion worlds tugging at them, researchers say.
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Microbe's Innovation May Have Started Largest Extinction Event on Earth
Permian Triassic Boundary
July 27th, 2014
The environment can produce sudden shocks to the life of our planet through impacting space rocks, erupting volcanoes and other events.
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Experts Discuss Exoplanet Hunt Wednesday: How to Watch Live
Kepler-186f, Earth-Sized Exoplanet
July 8th, 2014
The 30-minute webcast, which is called "Spotlight Live: The Hunt for Other Worlds Heats Up," begins at 3:00 p.m. EDT Wednesday. You can watch it live here on, courtesy of the nonprofit Kavli Foundation, which is hosting the discussion
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Microbes Found Beneath Antarctic Ice: What It Means for Alien Life Hunt
Jupiter's Ice-covered Satellite, Europa
August 20th, 2014
The discovery of a microbial ecosystem deep beneath the Antarctic ice doesn't necessarily mean that life teems on frigid worlds throughout the solar system, researchers caution: subglacial Lake Whillans is not a closed system like Jupiter's moon Europa.
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How to Search for E.T. by Scanning Alien Skies
The alien planet Kepler 186f is the first extrasolar world ever found to be about the size of Earth and in the habitable zone of its parent star. But if scientists ever hope to try to find life on such a planet, giant new space telescopes are needed, rese
August 4th, 2014
In the future, astronomers could detect hints of alien life by scanning the atmospheres of distant worlds, researchers say. Such work would require the development and launch of big, sophisticated new space telescopes.
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On Cloudy Alien Planets, a Chance for Life
Alien Planet Kepler-7b
July 24th, 2014
The cloudier an alien planet is, the closer it can get to its star and still remain potentially life-friendly, researchers say. See what it means for life on planets even as hellish as Venus.
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