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Mission Endeavour: Delivering Space Station's Japanese Porch

STS-127 Mission Elapsed Time
STS-127 Mission Elapsed Time
STS-127 Mission Elapsed Time
STS-127 Mission Elapsed Time
STS-127 Mission Elapsed Time
STS-127 Mission Elapsed Time
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Below special report archive of stories from Endeavour?s STS-128 mission.Stories appear in reverse chronological order, with the most recent updatesfirst. This page was updated on Aug. 21, 2009.

At Homeon Earth

ShuttleEndeavour Lands Safely in Florida
HOUSTON - Spaceshuttle Endeavour touched down in Florida on Friday morning, bringing to an enda successful 16-day mission to complete Japan's Kibo science laboratory at theInternational Space Station (ISS).

SpaceShuttle Endeavour to Land Today
The sevenastronauts aboard the shuttle Endeavour are hoping for clear skies over Floridatoday as they prepare to land after a marathon flight to the InternationalSpace Station.

ShuttleAstronauts Deploy Satellites Ahead of Landing
Astronauts aboardthe space shuttle Endeavour successfully deployed two sets of tiny satellitesThursday as they received word they were cleared to come home.

GreatLakes Water Returning to Earth with Shuttle Crew
Before undockingfrom the International Space Station Tuesday, the crew aboard the shuttleEndeavour transferred nearly 1,200 pounds of water to the orbiting outpost. Butone crewmember kept a small, but very special, set of water samples for theride home.

JapaneseSpace Underwear Keeps Stink Out
A set of high-techJapanese underwear has passed the ultimate smell test in space.

JapaneseAstronaut Craves Sushi
After more thanfour months in space, Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata is eagerly lookingforward to the taste of fresh sushi and other comfort foods when he returns toEarth Friday aboard the shuttle Endeavour.

AstronautsScan Space Shuttle Heat Shield For Dings
Astronauts aboardthe space shuttle Endeavour took one last look at their spacecraft's heatshield Wednesday to hunt for any new damage sustained on its marathon flight tothe International Space Station.

ShuttleEndeavour Undocks From Space Station
The space shuttleEndeavour cast off from the International Space Station Tuesday after awhirlwind 11 days of construction work at the orbiting laboratory.

ShuttleAstronauts Set to Leave Space Station
The 13 peopleaboard the International Space Station will say their farewells and split upTuesday when the crew of the shuttle Endeavour undocks from the orbitinglaboratory.


Sleepingin Space is Easy, But There's No Shower
Astronauts may havesome tough jobs in orbit - like building a $100 billion International SpaceStation - but apparently getting a good night's sleep isn't one of them.

SpacewalkersWrap Up Space Station Service Call
Twoastronauts wrapped up some final maintenance work on the International SpaceStation Monday during the fifth and last planned spacewalk of their mission tothe orbital lab.

Astronautsto Take Fifth Spacewalk at Space Station
Two astronauts willventure outside the International Space Station Monday to tackle some finaltasks in the fifth and last spacewalk of their mission to the orbiting laboratory.

CrowdedSpace Station Has International Flair, Astronaut Says
TheInternational Space Station may feel a bit crowded with 13 people aboard, butthe population boost has also given it a multicultural flair, an astronaut saidSunday.

NASARevives Air-Scrubbing System on Space Station
NASA engineers haverevived a vital air-scrubbing system on the International Space Station and arehunting for the source of the glitch that sent it offline.

AstronautsPack Up Japanese Cargo Carrier
Astronauts on theInternational Space Station will get back to work Sunday after a much neededday off in order to retrieve a Japanese cargo carrier from the outpost's brandnew experiment porch.

For 13Astronauts, a Day Off in Space
The 13 peopleliving on the International Space Station took some hard-earned time offSaturday, a welcome relief after a hectic week of orbital construction.

SpacewalkersAdd New Batteries to Space Station
Two determinedastronauts added a fresh set of vital batteries on the International SpaceStation Friday during an extra-long spacewalk made more so by the need to takethings slow and steady.

Astronautsto Replace More Aging Batteries in Spacewalk
Two astronauts willhead out on an extra-long spacewalk Friday to make up for lost time after aspacesuit glitch waylaid efforts to replace old space station batteries earlierthis week.

SpaceStation?s Japanese Lab Complete

JapaneseExperiments Moved to Space Station
It was a banner dayfor Japan at the International Space Station Thursday, where astronautssuccessfully installed a set of experiments on a brand new porch on the end ofthe outpost's massive Japanese laboratory.

NASAReplans Spacewalks For Shuttle Astronauts
NASA is reworking plans for the last twospacewalks for astronauts visiting the International Space Station as theoutpost's crew prepares to add the first experiments to the orbiting lab's newJapanese porch today.

WithSpacesuit Glitches, NASA Takes No Chances
When an unexpectedglitch pops up in an astronaut's spacesuit during a spacewalk, NASA takes nochances. If it looks like a problem, it's time to call it quits.

Astronautsto Change Space Batteries in Spacewalk
Two astronauts willhead outside the International Space Station Wednesday to begin the delicatetask of replacing old batteries at the very edge of the orbital outpost.

WhatHappens If You Sneeze in Space?
Sneezes can pack awallop on Earth, but for an astronaut in a spacesuit they can also make a messof things, a veteran spacewalker said Tuesday.

AstronautsTackle Tricky Crane Work in Space
Astronauts used twospace cranes to attach a Japanese experiment carrier to the International SpaceStation's new porch Tuesday so its vital cargo can be delivered later thisweek.

AstronautsMark Apollo 11 Anniversary With Spacewalk
Two spacewalkingastronauts ventured outside the International Space Station Monday to stock theoutpost with vital spare parts on a day that, 40 years ago, saw the first-evermoon landing by people from Earth.

AstronautPlumber Fixes Broken Space Toilet
The 13 peopleaboard the crowded International Space Station can breathe a bit easier nowthat some astronaut plumbers have fixed a broken zero gravity toilet.

Astronautsto Mark Apollo Moon Landing With Spacewalk
Astronauts willunload some spare parts for the International Space Station Monday in aspacewalk that comes 40 years to the day of the first moon landing by men fromEarth.

Spaceconstruction at ISS

AstronautsUnload Spare Parts Platform At Space Station
Astronauts on theInternational Space Station performed complex robotic maneuvers Sunday tounload a new spare parts container from the shuttle Endeavour.

AstronautsTo Perform Complex Robotic Work
Astronauts on theInternational Space Station are taking a break from spacewalking to performsome complex robotic maneuvers Sunday.

NoFocused Inspection Needed For Shuttle Heat Shield, NASA Says
NASA decided the space shuttle Endeavour does not need afocused inspection of its heat shield to make sure it's safe to return home.

AstronautsAdd Porch to Space Station
Spacewalkers androbotic arm operators attached the final piece of the International SpaceStation's Japanese Kibo laboratory - an exposed platform for scienceexperiments.

SpaceStation Toilet Troubled
One of twotoilets on the International Space Station is apparently broken, NASA announcedSunday.

ShuttleAstronauts Gear Up for First Spacewalk
Astronauts aregearing up for a spacewalk Saturday to prepare a new Japanese research porch tobe installed on the space station.

HistoricDocking: 13 People on ISS

SpaceStation Population Hits Record High
The InternationalSpace Station is now more crowded than it's ever been before, with a recordnumber of 13 people onboard.

SpaceStation, Shuttle Dodge Space Junk
The space shuttleEndeavour fired its thrusters late Friday just hours after linking up with theInternational Space Station in order to move the outpost clear of a piece oforbital junk.

ShuttleEndeavour Arrives at Space Station
The long-awaitedcrew of the space shuttle Endeavour finally arrived at the International SpaceStation Friday to begin a two-week construction visit.

ShuttleEndeavour Closes in on Space Station
The space shuttleEndeavour and its seven-astronaut crew plan to arrive at the InternationalSpace Station Friday for a long-awaited visit more than a month overdue.

NASAWeighs Heat Shield Dings on Shuttle
NASA is not tooworried about debris that appeared to fall from the space shuttle Endeavour'sexternal fuel tank during its liftoff Wednesday, but is perplexed about why thebits of foam insulation fell from an unexpected spot.

5Shuttle Launch Scrubs Cost Millions
The repeated launchdelays for the space shuttle Endeavour were not just frustrating, butexpensive.

EndeavourAstronauts Inspect Shuttle Heat Shield
CAPE CANAVERAL,Fla. - Astronauts aboard the space shuttle Endeavour will scan their orbiter'sheat shield on Thursday to search for any damage from debris that fell from thespacecraft's external tank during its launch into orbit.

NASAEyes Debris Hits to Shuttle Heat Shield
CAPE CANAVERAL,Fla. - Better late than never. NASA celebrated the tardy launch of the spaceshuttle Endeavour late Wednesday and is looking into several bits of debrisspotted during the spacecraft's liftoff.

ShuttleEndeavour Blasts Off Toward Space Station
CAPE CANAVERAL,Fla. - The space shuttle Endeavour finally beat the weather late Wednesday asit blasted off on an ambitious, if belated, construction mission to theInternational Space Station after five frustrating delays.

LaunchDelay Woes

SpaceShuttle Poised for Sixth Launch Attempt Today
CAPE CANAVERAL,Fla. - NASA is hoping the sixth time is the charm for the space shuttle Endeavour,which is poised to make yet another launch attempt late Wednesday afterrepeated delays.

AstronautsTake a Break From Shuttle Launch Delays
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.- Astronauts have a reputation for their super-human commitment to a mission,but even spaceflyers like the shuttle Endeavor's crew need a break once in awhile - especially after the  trying ordeal of five launch scrubs.

NASAPrepares Shuttle For Sixth Launch Attempt
CAPECANAVERAL, Fla. - After a string of vexing delays, NASA is once more preparingthe space shuttle Endeavour for what will be its sixth launch attempt lateWednesday.

TheHistory of Shuttle Launch Delays
CAPE CANAVERAL,Fla. - NASA's latest launch delay for the space shuttle Endeavour on Mondaymarked the fifth failed attempt to get the beleaguered mission off the ground.The tally may seem high, but it is not the record for the most vexed shuttleflight.

StormyWeather Delays Space Shuttle Launch Again
CAPE CANAVERAL,Fla. - Stormy weather again foiled NASA's plans to launch the space shuttleEndeavour late Monday, the fifth setback for the delay-plagued mission.

ShuttleLaunch Today Depends on No Rain
CAPE CANAVERAL,Fla. - NASA is trying yet again to launch the space shuttle Endeavour Monday,despite a good chance of rain showers that threaten to delay the mission for apotential fifth time.

NASAto Try For Monday Space Shuttle Launch
CAPE CANAVERAL,Fla. - NASA aims to give the space shuttle Endeavour a fifth shot at launchinginto orbit today after being waylaid by a series of unfortunate events for morethan a month.

ThunderstormsDelay Space Shuttle Launch
CAPE CANAVERAL,Fla. - NASA abandoned plans to launch the space shuttle Endeavour for thefourth time in a row on Sunday, this time because of stormy weather that crepttoo close to an emergency runway.

ShuttleEndeavour "Go" For Launch Today
CAPE CANAVERAL,Fla. - The space shuttle Endeavour is "Go" to launch today, NASAsaid, after ground crews found no signs of damage from a lightning strike onFriday.

WhyLightning Struck the Shuttle Launch Pad
CAPE CANAVERAL,Fla. ? The lightning that thwarted today's planned launch of the space shuttleEndeavour is a familiar problem for NASA's shuttle fleet.

NASADelays Shuttle Launch To Investigate Possible Lightning Damage
CAPE CANAVERAL,Fla. - The oft-delayed space shuttle Endeavour will have to wait at least onemore day to launch while NASA investigates whether lightning strikes near thelaunch pad yesterday caused any damage.

ShuttleEndeavour to Make Third Launch Try Today
CAPE CANAVERAL,Fla. - After a month of delays, the beleaguered space shuttle Endeavour isaiming to lift off tonight toward the International Space Station, but only ifthe weather cooperates.

FinalCountdown: A Guide to NASA's Last Space Shuttle Missions
The plannedSaturday evening launch of the space shuttle Endeavour may be the third orbiterflight this year, but it is one of just eight remaining missions before NASAmothballs its space plane fleet next year.

NASAClears Shuttle Endeavour for Saturday Launch
NASA has officiallycleared the space shuttle Endeavour for its third launch attempt on Saturday,with the chance of thunderstorms posing the only threat to the mission afternearly a month of delays.

WeatherStill Iffy for Saturday Shuttle Launch
After weeks ofrepair work to plug a hydrogen leak on the space shuttle Endeavour, NASA is nowwatching the weather for the spacecraft's planned Saturday launch.

StormyWeather May Delay Shuttle Launch
NASA's spaceshuttle Endeavour is ready for its planned launch into orbit this weekend,though stormy weather could delay liftoff, mission managers said Wednesday.

ShuttleAstronauts Arrive at Spaceport for Saturday Launch
The crew of thespace shuttle Endeavour arrived at NASA's Florida spaceport on Tuesday toprepare for a planned weekend blast off after nearly a month of delays.

SpaceShuttle to Launch July 11 After Successful Leak Test
NASA will try tolaunch the space shuttle Endeavour on July 11, nearly a month late, afterplugging a potentially dangerous hydrogen gas leak, top mission managers saidWednesday.

NASAPerforms Critical Space Shuttle Fueling Test
NASA fueled thespace shuttle Endeavour early Wednesday in an apparently successful test ofrepairs aimed at eliminating a potentially dangerous hydrogen gas leak.

NASAto Check Space Shuttle Fix With Fueling Test
NASA willfuel up the space shuttle Endeavour's massive external tank next week to checkrepairs aimed at stopping a hydrogen gas leak that has twice delayed thespacecraft's launch.

Sourceof Space Shuttle Gas Leak Pinpointed
CAPE CANAVERAL --NASA engineers think they have pinpointed the cause of dangerous hydrogen leaksthat prompted back-to-back launch scrubs for shuttle Endeavour, and they planto conduct a fuel-loading test by the first of July.

NASADoes Not Suspect Sabotage on Shuttle
NASA does notsuspect sabotage was behind the glitch that twice delayed the launch of thespace shuttle Endeavour recently.

AstronautsAdopt Alligator as Mascot
The space shuttleEndeavour's STS-127 mission could use some luck from its mascot.

Gas LeakHunt

GasLeak Prevents Space Shuttle Launch Again
CAPECANAVERAL, Fla. - The space shuttle Endeavour's launch plans were thwartedagain early Wednesday when a hydrogen gas leak, the same glitch that stoppedthe spacecraft from lifting off last week, appeared for a second time.

SpaceShuttle Endeavour Poised to Launch Wednesday
The space shuttleEndeavour is once more poised to launch into orbit early Wednesday after afour-day delay caused by a hydrogen gas leak.

500thPerson to Space Launching on Shuttle Endeavour
Among the sevenastronauts launching on space shuttle Endeavour on Saturday, four are makingtheir first flight, an achievement in any astronaut's career. One of thosefour, however, will also be setting a benchmark as the 500th person in historyto fly into space.

SwingShift: Astronauts Redefine Night and Day
Seven astronautshave snoozed away the days before their planned launch aboard the space shuttleEndeavour, but it is all part of their plan for an overnight mission so extremethat one spaceflyer dubbed it a "stealth flight."

NASADelays Moon Mission for Wednesday Shuttle Launch
NASA has delayed ahigh-priority moon mission to make way for the space shuttle Endeavour tolaunch Wednesday.

NASAHopes to Launch Shuttle Endeavour on Wednesday
NASA will try tosqueeze in a launch attempt for the space shuttle Endeavour on Wednesday, justdays ahead of a different rocket also set to send two unmanned probes to themoon this week, mission managers said Sunday.

GasLeak Thwarts Space Shuttle Launch
CAPECANAVERAL, Fla. -- The space shuttle Endeavour and its seven-astronaut crewwill have to wait through at least four days of delay before launching towardthe International Space Station after a gas leak thwarted their plannedSaturday morning liftoff.

LaunchingSaturday: Shuttle Endeavour Headed for Space Station
CAPE CANAVERAL,Fla. - Seven astronauts are set to blast off on the space shuttle EndeavourSaturday morning on an ambitious mission bound for the International SpaceStation.

Japanese Space Porch Headed for Space

SpaceStation Headed for Population Explosion
The fullystaffed International Space Station is about to get even more crowded whenseven shuttle astronauts join the six men already aboard, boosting the numberof people aboard to 13 - its highest population ever.

ShuttleEndeavour Cleared for Saturday Launch
CAPECANAVERAL, Fla. - The space shuttle Endeavour is "go" to launch anambitious mission to the International Space Station on Saturday, NASA managerssaid today.

NASATargets June 13 Launch for Shuttle Endeavour
NASA'sspace shuttle Endeavour is officially set to blast off toward the InternationalSpace Station on June 13 to finish work on the $100 billion outpost's massiveJapanese lab.

JapaneseSpace Porch to Fly on Shuttle Endeavour
The InternationalSpace Station's Kibo laboratory is about to get a new porch, the last big pieceof the outpost's already massive Japanese-built segment.

WeatherLooks Pristine for Saturday Shuttle Launch
NASA has beguncounting down to the planned Saturday morning launch of the space shuttleEndeavour and is expecting pristine weather conditions for blast off.

ShuttleEndeavour on Track for Saturday Launch
NASA's shuttleEndeavour is on track for a planned weekend launch toward the InternationalSpace Station, mission managers said Tuesday.

AstronautsGear Up for Space Construction Marathon
Seven astronautsare gearing up for what they expect to be a grueling orbital constructionmission to the International Space Station this week aboard the shuttleEndeavour.

NASATargets June 13 Launch for Shuttle Endeavour
NASA's spaceshuttle Endeavour is officially set to blast off toward the International SpaceStation on June 13 to finish work on the $100 billion outpost's massiveJapanese lab.

ShuttleEndeavour Moves to Launch Pad for June Mission
The space shuttleEndeavour rolled from one Florida launch pad to another on Sunday inpreparation for a complicated June construction flight to the InternationalSpace Station.

DockingBoosts Space Station's Population to Full Size of 6
Welcome to theInternational Space Station, Population: 6. The space station finally reachedits full crew size early Friday when three new spaceflyers arrived to doublethe number of people aboard after more than 10 years of construction in orbit.

NASA:Next Space Shuttle Launch May Be Delayed
WASHINGTON - Freshon the heels of a successful flight to the Hubble Space Telescope, NASA isagain gearing up to launch a space shuttle into orbit, but bad weather coulddelay the June spaceflight, mission managers said Thursday.


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