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Thanks ... and Best Wishes for the Holidays!

In the San Francisco Bay Area, the leaves have turned from beautifulcrimson and shades of golden yellow to winter brown, and the crisp air alertsus to the coming holidays. The entire SETI Institute team wouldlike to take this opportunity to say thank you to our long-time loyal Space.comreaders and to those of you who occasionally drop in at to learn about our latestresearch.

Our SETI Institute team workson topics that encompass the best of human spirit and inventiveness byexploring the origins of life and the possibility that life exists beyond this "paleblue dot," as our late friend and SETI Institute trustee Carl Sagan oncecalled it.

We also wish to express a heartfelt thanks to oursupporters. Through your gifts to the SETI Institute, you expect that yoursupport will be used to create a better understanding of where human civilizationfits in this vast universe. We are humbled by your trust in us, and you haveour pledge that your funds are always used wisely to explore these greatmysteries.

In additionto the exciting scientific work of people like Jill Tarter, Frank Drake, Mark Showalter and manyothers you know well from, our publications and our website, the SETIInstitute proudly invests in both formal and informal science education. Perhapsyou have had the chance to see senior astronomer Seth Shostak at apublic lecture in your area or have heard Seth and one of his fantastic guestson our weekly radio show Are We Alone. Or teachersin your local school district use our creative and interactive sciencecurriculum Voyages Through Time . Allof this work is greatly enhanced by our supporters.

With your help, we've made substantial progress in our missionto "explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence oflife in the universe." Working together, we may someday conclusivelyanswer the age-old question, "Are We Alone?"Along the way, we may even discover something of great significance that iscurrently completely unforeseen.

This hasbeen a hard year economically for so many people, and likewise for the non-profitorganizations that are supported by their generous donations. The SETI Institute isno exception. In these times of economic slowdown, it is even more important toencourage exploration and provide high quality, exciting science education.

We aretruly grateful for all gifts and memberships we have received this year. If youwant to feel connected and experience a sense of pride in supporting ourmission, please help us pursue our vision with a year-end gift. Your donationis tax deductible to the full extent of the law. You may donate online at Your generosity will make a significantdifference in our ability to continue our important work in the coming year.

From all ofus at the SETI Institute, bestwishes for a very happy holiday season!

The SETI Institute isdedicated to the deep scientific understanding of life in all its forms onEarth, and to exploration of the cosmos for evidence of life, especially intelligentlife.

— If life's out there, we'll findit! —

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