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The Best Sci-Fi and Space Games on Mobile

Tales from the Borderlands (iOS, Android)


For fans of Mad Max and old-school westerns, Tales from the Borderlands is the alt-sci-fi mobile game to get. It's a story-driven trek through sandy wastelands and the desolate emptiness of space, all in search of highly sought-after vault keys. Based in the Borderlands universe, this game will give fans of the series their dose of Pandora-flavored action in a narrative adventure, while everyone else will simply enjoy a darn-good story with some great characters and a killer soundtrack. It's a top-quality game, especially for the mobile scene.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes (iOS, Android)

Warner Bros.

As with most Lego games, Marvel Super Heroes is a mobile adventure with something for everybody. It's kid-friendly, casual-friendly and a relaxing cruise-control game for hard-core players. Plus, with its Marvel Universe backdrop, it's got plenty of sci-fi thrills for gamers to enjoy, such as flying around as Iron Man or exploring the cosmos via Asgard. If anyone wants a quality Marvel mobile adventure with a lot of content and fun for all ages, Lego Marvel Super Heroes is an easy title to recommend.

Marvel Contest of Champions (iOS, Android)


Contest of Champions is a fighting game that pits virtually all of Marvel's comic book heroes and villains against one another. From Lady Thor to Red Hulk, almost every iteration of every major Marvel character is present, each armed with his or her own unique supermoves. It's a simplistic game that you can conquer fairly easily via some mindless screen tapping, but given its all-but-endless amount of content, it's a great time sink for Marvel fans and sci-fi geeks with too much time on their hands. It's also the only place you can have Iron Man and Ultron beat the oil out of each other in space (at least on mobile — on consoles and PC, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite offers similar, flashier thrills).

Riptide GP: Renegade (iOS, Android)

Vector Unit

Riptide GP: Renegade claims to be the future of "illicit hydrojet racing," and it more than lives up to its strange promise. It's got a career mode that explores the "illicit" angle of the title's marketing, and the game's online multiplayer component really excels at spotlighting the fun of Riptide's core hydrojet racing. This feels like a mobile sci-fi racer ripped right out of an actual arcade-racing setup, the kind you and your friend would pay five dollars' worth of quarters to ride in. In short, it's awesome.

Planet Commander (iOS)

Azure Interactive Games Ltd.

If you've ever wanted to be in charge of the flight controls of an Imperial Star Destroyer, then Planet Commander is the game for you. This game lets you build and customize your own armada of ships in order to fight others and claim dominance over the starways; the gameplay includes the ability to challenge real human players online. Planet Commander's core gameplay definitely isn't for everyone, but for those who love the slow, majestic nature of the cruiser battles in Star Wars, this is a neat app to have for mobile intergalactic warfare.

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