Earth from Space: Amazing Time-Lapse Videos by Astronaut Paolo Nespoli

ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli captured imagery of Somalia and the surrounding region from the International Space Station.
ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli captured imagery of Somalia and the surrounding region from the International Space Station. (Image credit: ESA)

Update Dec. 12: European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Paolo Nespoli  has spent a lot of time orbiting planet Earth on two tours of duty aboard the International Space Station, and one on a NASA space shuttle mission. He's spending his last month in space soaking up the sights and delivering amazing imagery of Earth. Nespoli is due to return to Earth on Dec. 14 to end his Expedition 53 mission to the station.  This month, ESA has been releasing a "Timelapse a Day" of Nespoli images. Check them out here and be amazed at Nespoli's spectacular view of Earth from space. 

Dec. 11: South America and Patagonia during daytime

Pacific Ocean coast of Chile and parts of Argentina can be seen.

Dec. 10: Florida to Venezuela in daytime pass

Miami, the amazing blue waters of the Carribean Sea, the Venezuelan city of Caracas and more can be seen in this view.

Dec. 9: Fly over Ho Chi Min, Hong Kong and Shangai

This nighttime pass takes you from Bangkok to Sapporo.

Dec. 8: See Copenhagen and Bay of Bengal in Nighttime Footage

Fly over of Europe and Bay of Bengal features auroras and city lights.

Dec 7: Vibrant auroras over North America

Nighttime view of auroras and solar panel movement can be seen.

Dec. 6: Africa to Russia from Space Station

Daytime pass of the International Space Station over nothern Africa, Italy, Croatia, Russia and more. 

Dec. 5: Auroras and stars from unique vantage point

The stars auroras “dance” over North America in an unusual look at Earth from space.

Dec. 4: International Space Station flies over Australia

Imagery of the land "down under" captured by Nespoli.

Dec. 3: Moonrise Seen from Space Station 

A time-lapse video of the moon rising as seen from the International Space Station was released on the day that Earth was treated to a "supermoon."

Dec. 2: Somalia to Russia

Somalia, the Gulf of Aden, Yemen and more can be seen in this nighttime look. 

Dec. 1: California to Mexico 

Daytime look at southern California and Mexico from space. 

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