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Moon Photography Tips from Astrophotographers: A Visual Guide

Lunar Photography with a Smartphone

Imelda B. Joson and Edwin L. Aguirre

By using the afocal configuration, it's possible to take stunningly detailed close-ups of the moon using ordinary compact "point-and-shoot" cameras and smartphone cameras. Imelda Joson and Edwin Aguirre snapped this view of the first-quarter moon on July 24 using an iPhone 6 handheld to the eyepiece of a tripod-mounted Swarovski 80-mm spotting scope at 60× magnification.

Afocal Photography Demonstrated

Imelda B. Joson and Edwin L. Aguirre

Imelda Joson shows how the afocal projection technique is done using an iPhone 6 and the Swarovski spotting scope, which is actually a small, portable refracting telescope. This is the exact setup that she and Edwin used to capture the accompanying photos of the first-quarter and waxing gibbous moon.

Waxing Gibbous Moon 2015

Imelda B. Joson and Edwin L. Aguirre

This portrait of the waxing gibbous moon on September 23 was snapped by Imelda Joson and Edwin Aguirre from their driveway. They used the same iPhone 6 and Swarovski spotting scope combination as in the previous lunar image.

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