How To Mix A Harvest Moon - Pour This Fall Full Moon Cocktail! | Video

Fall has fallen! And the full moon falling closest to the Fall (Autumnal) Equinox is known as the Harvest Moon, because it's time for farm-folk to gather in their crops; an act best done with a drink recently downed (unless machinery is to be used!).

Guest celestial mixologist Athena Hom, of The Rumpus Room in New York City, gives you the recipe and the tasty techniques to make this old-time-y, classic, adults-only drink. 


 Harvest Moon

.5 ounce Apple Jack

.5 ounce Fireball


Top with apple cider

Garnish with cinnamon stick

Rim glass with crushed graham crackers

credit : / Produced and Edited by @SteveSpaleta