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Boeing Workers Vote to End Strike

CAPE CANAVERAL - Deltarocket machinists ratified a revised Boeing Co. contract offer Wednesday,ending a three-month strike that delayed launches at Cape Canaveral and inCalifornia.

"It's over," saidJohnny Walker, business representative with the International Association ofMachinists and Aerospace Workers in Cape Canaveral.

Delta workers at CapeCanaveral Air Force Station and California's Vandenberg Air Force Base walked outNov. 2 after rejecting a three-year contract offer. Wages, health insurance andretirement benefits were at issue.

The revised offer includedlower medical insurance premiums and deductibles.

Walker said the votelocally was "about 50-50." The 280 Cape workers have been withoutcompany paychecks and medical coverage since Nov. 30. Many have been living onsavings and working part-time jobs to survive.

"I'm tired of roofinghouses," said Evan Peck, 47, a married father of two from Mims. "I'vejust been hoping I wouldn't get injured and that nothing would happen to mychildren."

Merritt Island residentJerry Robinson, 42, was with son Christian, 4, at the vote.

"This has been rough.We've all got families and mortgages," he said. "We all want to goback to work, and (Christian) wonders when his Daddy is going back to therocket ranch."

The workers can returnMonday but have until Feb. 14 to report back.

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