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NASA will follow the total solar eclipse live Aug. 21 as it crosses the United States from ground, aircraft, balloon and spacecraft, beginning at 12 p.m. EDT (1600 GMT). You can watch it online here in the window above, courtesy of NASA. "Eclipse Across America: Through The Eyes of NASA" will begin with a preview in South Carolina, and then the agency will broadcast from the path of totalty starting at 1 p.m. EDT (1700 GMT). [Total Solar Eclipse 2017: When, Where and How to See It (Safely)]

NASA EDGE will broadcast a 4 hour 30 minute live webcast "Megacast" from Carbondale, Illinois, featuring scientist interviews and feeds from a variety of telescopes during the celestial event. See those in the windows below Aug. 21, courtesy of NASA EDGE.

NASA EDGE Megacast: H-Alpha Telescope:

NASA EDGE Megacast: Ca-K Telescope:

NASA EDGE Megacast: White Light Telescope:

NASA EDGE Megacast: Processed Imagery:

From NASA: 

"The program will feature views from NASA research aircraft, high-altitude balloons, satellites and specially-modified telescopes. It also will include live reports from Charleston, as well as from Salem, Oregon; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Beatrice, Nebraska; Jefferson City, Missouri; Carbondale, Illinois; Hopkinsville, Kentucky; and Clarksville, Tennessee.

"The Toshiba Vision screen in New York's Times Square will broadcast the program live in its entirety to give the public a big-screen view of the eclipse. Viewers in Times Square can listen to NASA coverage while observing it on the big screen by downloading the NASA app or going to"

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