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29 August 2013, 12:09 PM ET
NASA's All-Sky cameras captured a very bright meteor burning up in the atmosphere at the same time that the Moon was in the camera field of view. Early estimates: meteor weighed ~240lbs and was traveling ~56,000 mph.
27 August 2013, 02:13 PM ET
A spacecraft has spotted water on the lunar surface that originated deep within the moon. The find marks the first detection of "magmatic water" from orbit and confirms analyses performed on moon rocks brought to Earth by Apollo astronauts.
27 August 2013, 07:00 AM ET
Stargazer and photographer Stefano De Rosa snapped this stunning beautiful photo of the Blue Moon full moon of August rising over and Italian castle on Aug. 20, 2013. See how De Rosa captured the photo here.
22 August 2013, 09:52 AM ET
Apollo 13 astronauts practice their moonwalk at the Kennedy Space Center before the lunar mission.
19 August 2013, 03:28 PM ET
This month's full moon, which rises on Tuesday (Aug. 20), is not just a Blue Moon — it's also the Full Sturgeon Moon, the Full Red Moon, the Green Corn Moon and the Grain Moon.
14 August 2013, 07:00 AM ET
The moon may be more of a stumbling block than a stepping stone on humanity's path to Mars. The perceived need to develop lunar infrastructure and resources first could push a manned Red Planet mission far off into the future, NASA's Harley Thronson says.
09 August 2013, 02:00 PM ET
Veteran night sky photographer John Chumack snaps stunning image of a hazy gibbous moon glowing over Rice Lake, Ontario, Canada on June 26. He used a Canon Rebel Xsi at Prime Focus of Celestron's 70mm Travel Scope Refractor (400mm FL).
06 August 2013, 02:49 PM ET
The Lunar transit as seen from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory's geosynchronous orbit, was captured on August 6th, 2013.
25 July 2013, 09:38 PM ET
NY Times best-selling author Homer Hickam believes the U.S. should claim the lunar landing sites as protected parks.
24 July 2013, 10:45 AM ET
This rare space wallpaper taken on July 19 by NASA's Cassini spacecraft shows Saturn's rings and our planet Earth and its moon in the same frame.
23 July 2013, 06:10 PM ET
A night sky photographer captured a cool photo of a propeller plane and the moon over France.
22 July 2013, 06:04 PM ET
NASA's Saturn system probe snapped imagery of the Earth and Moon on July 19th, 2013. Our home planet appears as a not-so-pale blue dot.
19 July 2013, 11:16 AM ET
NASA Cassini probe radar has not detected waves on the hydrocarbon lakes and seas on giant Saturn moon. New research is underway to try to solve the mystery.
17 July 2013, 02:10 PM ET
July is full of encounters between astronomical objects, and the action continues this weekend with three different planets taking center stage. Venus will dance with the star Regulus Sunday evening, while Mars and Jupiter will be visible in Gemini (The T
16 July 2013, 01:04 PM ET
On Tuesday (July 16), Major League Baseball's All Star Game will be played at Citifield in New York, but the baseball diamond won't be the only place to see stars that night. Two of the “All Stars of the Night Sky” will stage a celestial rendezvous, not j
13 July 2013, 10:19 AM ET
In mid-July 2013, skywatchers will be able to observe the moon moving in relation to Spica and Saturn. Also, Mars and Jupiter appear to move together in the morning sky.
11 July 2013, 07:00 AM ET
The Soviet Union's Lunokhod 2 rover did indeed travel about 3 miles farther on the surface of the moon than originally thought, meaning that any robot hoping to break its distance record will have to run a full marathon, researchers say.
10 July 2013, 11:23 AM ET
NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter have viewed the Apollo landing sites in detail.
09 July 2013, 12:43 PM ET
Democrats in the House are set to unveil their own NASA authorization bill, which unlike a much leaner Republican proposal would authorize $18.1 billion in spending for 2014 — more than NASA has gotten since 2011.
05 July 2013, 10:23 AM ET
The Andromeda Galaxy, the closest galaxy to our own Milky Way, gets the star treatment in this dazzling photo by amateur astronomer and photographer Lorenzo Comolli. See how he snapped the amazing galaxy photo here.
03 July 2013, 11:37 AM ET
Using an innovative process that combines hundreds of flat 2D space photos, the upcoming IMAX movie 'In Saturn's Rings' brings depth to awe inspiring photos of planets and galaxies, allowing viewers to 'fly through' these cosmic wonders.
02 July 2013, 05:08 PM ET
Photographer Jason Hines snapped this spectacular photo of the supermoon full moon over the Grand Canyon on June 23, 2013.
28 June 2013, 11:15 AM ET
ESA astronaut snapped this view of moonset from the International Space Station as seen in this stunning space wallpaper. Parmitano is onboard the orbital outpost as part of ESA's long duration mission, Volare.
28 June 2013, 07:27 AM ET
Skywatcher Philip Calais captured this amazing image of an airplane in flight during a solar eclipse as seen on May 10, 2013 from Western Australia.
26 June 2013, 05:58 AM ET
The final resting places of some Cold War-era spacecraft remain unknown.
25 June 2013, 02:39 PM ET
Can we get to Mars if we don't mine the moon?
25 June 2013, 10:00 AM ET
See amazing photos of the June 2013 supermoon as seen by skywatchers and amateur astronomers.
25 June 2013, 07:00 AM ET
Humans could set up robot-constructed mining outposts at the moon's poles.
24 June 2013, 03:56 PM ET
Each frame represents one hour of phase and libration as seen from points south of the equator. Includes the Moon's orbit position, sub-Earth and subsolar points and distance from Earth.
24 June 2013, 02:25 PM ET
A supermoon climbed its way to the top of the Washington Monument, Sunday, June 23, 2013, in Washington as seen in the amazing space wallpaper. This year the supermoon is up to 13.5 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than a typical full moon is.
24 June 2013, 07:42 AM ET
What do you want to know about the supermoon?
23 June 2013, 10:00 AM ET
The Slooh Space Camera is airing a supermoon webcast starting at 9 p.m. EDT tonight.
22 June 2013, 07:22 AM ET
Get to know your supermoon stuff as the biggest full moon of 2013 rises on Sunday.
21 June 2013, 06:48 PM ET
Here are some tips for how to photograph the largest full moon of the year.
21 June 2013, 06:40 PM ET
Scientists say a giant impact knocked off the raw ingredients for the moon off the primitive molten Earth and into orbit. has an overview of Earth’s Moon, including its composition and orbit.
21 June 2013, 04:58 PM ET staff writer Miriam Kramer speaks with NASA Astronomer Michelle Thaller about the upcoming 'Super Moon'.