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Comet Jacques Has Lost Its Tail

Credit: Chris Schur/
Monday, Sept. 22, 2014: Astrophotographer Chris Schur sent in a photo of Comet Jacques taken on September 14, 2014, from Payson, Arizona. He writes in…Read More »

an email to “The comet changed to a beautiful "teal" coloration from the previous emerald green. This change was accompained by the loss of the comet’s thin, tenuous gas tail. … [As] you will see from the attached image, the comet is crossing the ultra-dense Cygnus star clouds near Alberio. Quite a mixture of stellar spectral types we can see in this image [in the form of] multi-hued star trails, [while] the comet appears frozen against the rapidly moving star background in this hour-long exposure.”

— Tom Chao   Less «
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