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Moonset and Milky Way

Credit: Brook Wassall
Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2015: Astrophotographer Brook Wassall submitted a photo of the moon setting, taken at Niarbyl on the Isle of Man, on Sept. 18, 2015. Wassall…Read More »

writes in an email message to "Here you can see the moon setting on the right [allowing] the Milky Way to shine [brightly] in the night sky. This was a bit of a tricky image to get as this was taken just after low tide, with the water slowly creeping into my shoes as I [balanced] myself on a couple of slippery rocks, but the low tide enabled me to get as far out as I could to capture the reflections of the [surrounding] light on the water. With the tide slowly creeping in further and further, and the moon quickly setting on the horizon, I had little time before the window of opportunity was gone. The Isle of Man sits in the middle of the Irish Sea, and although the island itself has very low light pollution, it is surrounded by the UK and Ireland which can shine quite [brightly] from across the sea in the night. The light pollution seen on the horizon in this image is actually coming all the way from Dublin, Ireland."

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