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Sky and Telescope

Credit: ESO/B.Tafreshi
Friday, April 18, 2014: The Milky Way’s central region glows above the 3.58-meter New Technology Telescope (NTT) at ESO's La Silla Observatory, sitting…Read More »

at 7900 feet (2400 meters) above sea level on the outskirts of the Chilean Atacama Desert. The distinctive octagonal enclosure that houses the NTT looms tall here, and this telescope housing represented a technological breakthrough upon completion in 1989. The bright orange star Antares at the heart of Scorpius (The Scorpion) appears to the left of the Milky Way. Saturn shines as the brightest point to the upper left of Antares, while Alpha and Beta Centauri wink in the upper right of the image. Image released April 14, 2014.

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