Diamond Ring in the Sky is a Beautiful Illusion | Video

Shine bright like a diamond: A chance alignment of a blue planetary nebula, a vivid foreground star, and the ESO’s Very Large Telescope in Chile produces an apparition like an engagement ring.  Guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani provides the  soundtrack and his new book 'Strange Beautiful Music: A Musical Memoir' is available for pre-order on Amazon .


Is there love in the Universe?

We see what we want to in celestial objects.

We assign our own meaning to chance encounters of stars.

Peering deep into southern skies with the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope, astronomers chanced upon this apparition created by the random alignment of a bright foreground star with the unusually round planetary nebula known as Abell 33.

It looks, for all the Universe, like a diamond ring.

This glowing blue globule was once a star like our Sun.

Near the end of its life, it cast off this expanding bubble…

…before shrinking down to the tiny, hot, dense corpuscle – just barely visible near the ring’s center –

…which will slowly cool over many billions of years.

You are listening to: “Is There Love In Space?” by virtuoso guitarist Joe Satriani.

It’s part of a boxed set of newly re-mastered audiophile-quality recordings, comprising Satriani’s life’s work to date.

For Space.com, I’m Dave Brody.

credit : Space.com / ESO / Music: Joe Satriani / Edited by @SteveSpaleta