GoldieBlox Rocket Launches to Space in Super Bowl Ad (Video)
A still from the GoldieBlox advertisement that aired during the Super Bowl on Feb. 2, 2014.
Credit: GoldieBlox

A rocket covered with pink toys blasts into space at the hands of an excited group of engineering-savvy young women in a new commercial that aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday (Feb. 2). The ad for GoldieBlox — a toy company with the goal of getting girls interested in engineering — encourages young women to toss aside their usual toys in favor of building something new.

The ad begins with a mob of girls running through the streets with stereotypically "girly" toys. One girl pushes a pink stroller, while another casts aside her tiara, jumping off the stage at a beauty pageant to gleefully join up with her friends. The girls are sprinting to a field, where many of them attach their toys to the rocket and step back to see it blast off above them. A parody version of Quiet Riot's "Come On Feel the Noise" called "Come On Get Your Toys" plays over the action. Watch the full 50-second GoldieBlox ad in the window below:

You can also watch the video directly here:

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