Live Interview with Astronaut Karen Nyberg: How to Watch Live
NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg demonstrates how a single strand of hair can be used to move in the microgravity environment of space in a video recorded on the International Space Station in October 2013.
Credit: NASA

NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg — fresh off an approximately six-month stay on the International Space Station — will answer questions from today (Nov. 20), and you can watch it live online. NASA TV will air the five-minute interview, which begins at 3:15 p.m. EST (2015 GMT).

I ('s Miriam Kramer) will ask the questions, but I also want to hear from you, the readers! What do you want to know about life in space that veteran astronaut Nyberg can tell you? Please leave your questions in the comments section below or send them to me on Twitter @mirikramer or's Facebook page.

You can watch the interview live on via NASA TV. Nyberg came back to Earth on Nov. 10. During her time on the space station she performed scientific experiments, sewed a patch for a quilt and took many pictures of Earth from space. [Space Photos by Astronaut Karen Nyberg (Image Gallery)]

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