It's only logical. When you have two Spocks in the world, it makes sense to pit them against each other in a battle of the minds. In a nod to the newest "Star Trek" movie set for release on May 17, a new commercial for the car company Audi features a faceoff between Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto — the two actors known for playing Spock in the original series and newest movies respectively.

The advertisement — called "The Challenge" — shows Nimoy and Quinto racing to a golf club. The stakes? Whoever gets there last must pay for lunch. Nimoy's car just doesn't cut it and Quinto's Audi gets him to the finish line first. The original Spock gets the last laugh, however. Nimoy beats Quinto using his "Vulcan nerve pinch" — an homage to a famous trope that began in the original series.

  • Star Wars! Luke and Vader could wipe the floor with Kirk's Enterprise.
  • Star Trek! Whiny Luke can't hold a lightsaber to the sheer awesomeness of James T. Kirk and the Enterprise crew. Plus, Trek was first.
  • Get Warped: There's more to life than the Force and starships. And everyone knows Doctor Who rules the school.

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